JR Technology

Software Development

JR Technologies develops travel related applications increasing the operations productivity and efficiency; these are but not limited to:

  • B2C Booking Engine.
  • B2B Booking Engine.
  • Web site booking development for Air, Car, Hotel, Tours, and dynamic packaging.
  • Corporate Booking Tool.
  • Travel Agency portal.
  • Travel Management Companies (TMC) portal.
  • Content Management System.
  • IAR record processing.
  • CRM and Sales process management

The Automated PNR Notification Aggregator (APNA) v1.0 is a robotic application designed by JR Technologies to ease the quality check process of airline booking reservations.

The APNA robot is a scalable real time application that reads PNRs from Sabre, Amadeus, WorldSpan, and Apollo/Galileo and runs checklist of rules to eliminate booking abuses, enforce ticketing time limits, and automate schedule change notifications, among other services. The system will send emails to the agency manager and/or log the exceptions in a database table accessible through a secure web based interface.

APNA performs a 24/7 quality check which:

  • Enforces agency accounting entries, profiles, such as account numbers and discount lines.
  • Enforces ticketing time limits based on fare rules and rules set by the agency.
  • Validates the name elements.
  • Validates phone fields in accordance with agency rules.
  • Detects churning activities.
  • Detects duplicate bookings within the same GDS, across PCCs/Office IDs, and across GDSs.
  • Validates minimum connecting times.
  • Detects fraudulent/fictitious bookings.
  • Clears inactive segments HX, NO, UN, UC, SC, TK, US or WK.
  • Detects broken married segments.
  • Detects OW Backhauls.
  • Detects off-shore/cross border ticketing.
  • Detects passive segments.
  • Validates secure flight passenger data.
  • Detects test or training PNRs.
  • Detects duplicate segments within a PNR such as multi airport city, multiple flight dates, different connect point, overlapping segments, or different classes of service.

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