JR Technology

Our History


JRT wins several NDC tenders, launches a large number of NDC end to end solutions, grows to 200 Employees and opens 2 locations in Greece, Athens & Chania, to support the deployment of its end-to-end NDC solution.


JRT pilots the integration of its NDC order management system with any DCS, using SITA type X to type B conversion platform, and wins the contract to convert Navitaire’s New Sky’s API in NDC 1.1.3.

The software development division in India, grows to 50 people and a new office location hosts its operations, situated in Goregaon West, at Mumbai suburbs.


JRT becomes an IATA Strategic Partner and gets involved in the development of NDC.

JRT supports American Airlines & Air New Zealand’s pilot efforts in validating the NDC concept by leading the first IATA NDC pilots.


JRT launches a software development division targeting small and mid-size agencies.

JRT's BPO division in India, grows to 90 employees.


JRT invests in developing a B2B site allowing travel agencies to access Sky Bird’s content; the site supports more than 2000 agencies in the USA providing access to private and commissionable fares on more than 60 major airlines.

JRT India’s BPO division grows to 75 employees supporting 24/7 operations.


JRT grows to 40 employees in India and moves to a new location in Andheri, near the Mumbai International Airport.


JR Technologies is established to mainly support the growth of Sky bird Travel & Tours in the USA; BPO services are provided through its new office in Mumbai India, including ticketing, agency commission accounting, and data entry for fare contracts obtained by a series of airlines.

In the meantime JR Technologies USA, manages and supports the project deliveries from JRT India and at the same time a new IT division, operates a complex IT infrastructure for Sky Bird’s many branch locations.