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Business Process Outsourcing

JR Technologies has a 24/7 support team that will load private fare data in the GDS. The team guarantees that the fares and rules data is entered correctly by doing extensive quality control testing after loading, ensuring that all GDS pricing systems are performing exceptionally.

Filing fares directly into the GDS has multiple benefits:

  • Less errors at the time of ticketing as the tour code or ticket designator auto populate.
  • GDS low fare searches become easier to distribute.
  • Special net fares and commission contracts attached to specific routings are enforced at the time of booking.

Contracts filing can also be done in a micro use environment, as small as one O&D to be used by a single corporation or a single ethnic market. Whether the carrier has operations in the USA or relies on feeders to bring traffic to a European or Asian hubs, private fares may be filed that will price in the GDS at costs far lower than main stream solutions.

JRT enables the streamlining of heavy workflow processes related to client travel and general expense accounting, including the responsibility of accounting processing of ARC/BSP reconciliations.

A user friendly tool with click-access provides detailed management analysis and decision-making reports. All operational tasks of accounting teams are absorbed, assuring that the job will be done efficiently.

JRT’s team offers the following TRAMS services:

  • Commission tracking.
  • Ticket logs, ARC report, Interactive Agency Reporting (IAR) reconciliation.
  • Client history and statements.
  • Vendor history and statements.
  • Sales agent history and production.
  • Mailing labels and mail merge files.
  • Commercial client reporting.
  • Management analysis.
  • Check printer and bank reconciliation.
  • Income statement and balance sheet.
  • Decision making data.

Additional services include accounts receivable and payable, MIS reporting assuring that quality controls are in place to guarantee the highest quality output.

JR Technologies has an experienced team of airline ticket agents that specialize in handling complex ticket issuance.

These agents handle a large number of tickets on Sabre, Amadeus, Worldspan, and Apollo, such as JCB tickets, commissionable tickets, published fares against MCOs, always working within a process that guarantees accuracy and speed. The team operates 24/7 and provides credit card verification, and pre/post-ticketing quality control.

The Automated PNR Notification Aggregator (APNA) v1.0 is a robotic application designed by JR Technologies to ease the quality check process of airline booking reservations.

The APNA robot is a scalable real time application that reads PNRs from Sabre, Amadeus, WorldSpan, and Apollo/Galileo and runs checklist of rules to eliminate booking abuses, enforce ticketing time limits, and automate schedule change notifications, among other services. The system will send emails to the agency manager and/or log the exceptions in a database table accessible through a secure web based interface.

APNA performs a 24/7 quality check which:

  • Enforces agency accounting entries, profiles, such as account numbers and discount lines.
  • Enforces ticketing time limits based on fare rules and rules set by the agency.
  • Validates the name elements.
  • Validates phone fields in accordance with agency rules.
  • Detects churning activities.
  • Detects duplicate bookings within the same GDS, across PCCs/Office IDs, and across GDSs.
  • Validates minimum connecting times.
  • Detects fraudulent/fictitious bookings.
  • Clears inactive segments HX, NO, UN, UC, SC, TK, US or WK.
  • Detects broken married segments.
  • Detects OW Backhauls.
  • Detects off-shore/cross border ticketing.
  • Detects passive segments.
  • Validates secure flight passenger data.
  • Detects test or training PNRs.
  • Detects duplicate segments within a PNR such as multi airport city, multiple flight dates, different connect point, overlapping segments, or different classes of service.

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