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GDS Access

GDS AccessWith the JR Technologies platform, travel agencies will be able to manage their own B2C booking engine without worrying about GDS access fees. Plug in JRT’s B2C application into the website and access the GDS environment against a flat monthly fee; keep offering unrivalled service to customers.

Graphical Interfaces

Graphical InterfacesThe search engine supports a return of a huge number of itinerary options based on the routing request, sourcing millions of private and commissionable fares through multiple GDS. The system returns all the carriers’ availability on any given route offering commissionable fares and all the schedules and combinations thereof so that the best itinerary and price combination can be found.

Booking Manager

BookingsThe booking manager is synchronized with the GDS. Any changes that occur from any supplier, be it an airline, a consolidator or a hotel, it will be visible in real time. All direct connect bookings are also supported, allowing at the same time access to certain fares accessible only from the airlines direct distribution channels. Any bookings generated through the airlines direct channel can be tracked and managed as well in the tool.

Customer Care

A number of value adding information can be supplied in the form of, destination guides, street maps, worldwide subway & airport maps, currency converters, local time information, etc., facilitating unparalleled customer service.

Travel Shopping Tool

The new B2C booking tool delivers a feature-rich engine providing fares comparison and special offers displays enabling an optimal user experience, the ability to increase selling opportunities and maximize revenues.

The booking engine enables the incorporation of all suppliers’ contracts at the control of the agency, offering a variety of fares and services to the customer, including hotel bookings, tours, travel insurance, etc.

Component Description

Available from other sources

The New Booking Engine

Support Multi-city searches.



Support for Infant fares.


Multiple credit card payment.


Travel Insurance purchase through the web site generating additional revenue.


Seat map availability.


More than 500 travel options to choose from.


Flexible booking combinations of outbound and return flights.


Multiple flight options, email share capability.


Support of a large number of flight filters, such as layover times, price range, departure/arrival time, equipment type, number of stops etc.

Basic Filtering


24/7 Technical support available by the web site operator.

In Rare Cases


New Money Making Features

Travel insurance included in current release.

Agency PCC

This feature is an upgrade allowing the widget to book using the Agency's own PCC or Office ID.

A large number of tools for agencies and corporations are offered, all of which connect directly to the NDC platform. These are, a corporate booking tool, an online white label travel agency option, a consolidator platform, a CRM for use by the agency/aggregator, all of which are offered as mobile and desktop applications too.

The Passenger Order Manager allows a call center agent or a travel agency to retrieve and manage an order. It controls agent rights to perform certain functions, e.g. name changes, process order changes, cancellations and exchanges.

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